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You'll never know the way I look at you when you can't see me.
Don't you know I look back at you the same way?

Artists: the100braveprincess and delenaklayley

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Sasha, Shay and Ashley were nominated so make sure you vote for them in the second wave of nominees for the TCA’s :)

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"you can’t die on me."

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Every Pretty Little Liars Episode5x05- Miss Me x 100

"I made you loser Mona once and you know I can do it again."

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"I had no idea where my character was going to go. In the books, she’s the first A, and then she dies. They saved me and kind of took my story alive and to a whole new level, and I’m so grateful that they did, because I’m still on the show, and I think the characters become so much fun. I knew she had a little bit of darkness but not to the extent that we saw."

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Julia Shumway in 2.02

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I don’t remember anything

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"If anyone’s gonna kill Junior, it’s gonna be me." (insp.)